Infinite Credit Card


The GPB Visa Infinite Credit Card is a good offer for individuals interested in high quality concierge services and luxury travel perks. If you are simply concerned with earning the most points, miles or savings, we'd recommend choosing one of this card’s competitors The GPB card is currently intended for those who are already using GPB’s wealth management services and charging upwards of $50k to $100k per year easily. By using the card, GPB hopes to allow advisers to provide guidance about their customers' spending and other financial decisions.
This card is good for….

  • Those interested in luxury travel perks and high-quality concierge services
  • Individuals who are spending well over $100,000 on their card each year

This card is bad for...

  • Anyone interested in just getting savings, points and miles
  • Low spenders

The card’s major selling point is benefits through the U.S.-based Concierge and Client Services, which GPB is creating it in-house. These will allow GPB customers to do things like book reservations, make travel plans and even receive advice about major purchases. This is a substantial upgrade over traditional Visa concierge benefits, which usually haven’t been able to compete with more premium services, like those provided on The Platinum Card® from American Express.
The GPB Visa Infinite is also no slouch when it comes to providing travel credits and perks. Cardholders receive Priority Pass airport lounge membership, credit towards airport club passes, and a $250 annual airline fee credit. The $500 airport club credit is only available to those who spend at least $100,000 on the card each year. The card is intended and marketed toward audiences who can easily hit this mark. If you’re interested in reading more about these various benefits, we suggest checking out the following section.
Bottom Line: Current GPB customers who are in the market for a new luxury travel card will find a lot to like in the GPB Visa Infinite Card. However, if you’re simply hunting for the biggest discounts and the most travel points

GPB Visa Infinite Credit Card Benefits & Features

The GPB Visa Infinite Credit Card offers a variety of points, credits and bonuses to their users. On top of this, it provides its own in-house concierge services that aim to be a step up from the traditional concierge benefits from other Visa Signature and Visa Infinite branded products.